Agent Testimonials

Heather Voll

"I absolutely love being a part of RE/MAX Excalibur!  So much support is provided.  I know that anytime I need something, the management team and staff are there for me and my business.  Having worked at another RE/MAX office, I can attest that RE/MAX Excalibur operates on a completely different level than other offices from a service and support standpoint.  They definitely stand out from the crowd!" - Heather Voll

Grant Stonerook

“Before joining, I did not understand the power of a brand name brokerage like RE/MAX. Over just one year I have definitely come to understand that power.  Recently, I was successfully awarded a $950,000 listing. I beat out numerous agents which had 20+ years experience on me, including a broker that has been friends with the seller for over a decade. It came down to my presentation, my sales production, and the deciding factor was the brand name of RE/MAX I have. This is not the first listing I have won because I carry the RE/MAX name with me. Joining RE/MAX was absolutely one of the best decisions I have made in my career and I look forward to many, many more years of success and getting to serve RE/MAX Excalibur as an agent.” 
- Grant Stonerook

Alan Dickson

"Shortly after I made the move to RE/MAX Excalibur, I received a lead from the website and was able to close the transaction not long after. And even better, I didn't pay anything to get the lead or any additional fees once it closed.  When they say they offer FREE leads, they mean it!" - Alan Dickson

“I can highly recommend working with the people of RE/MAX Excalibur. The management team are professional and responsive to questions and concerns. I would recommend anyone to work with the staff and agents of this office. Whether you are an agent looking for a new office, this is the place to come to for all your Real Estate career.” - Dana Elmer

Matt Bergstrom

“I moved back to RE/MAX after 7 years at two different Brokerages for a few reasons.  First, the Owner and Office Manager have taken a personal interest in my success as a REALTOR.  They have made me feel like part of their extended family as opposed to just another "subcontractor".  Second, they negotiated my future team and me a competitive new commission structure that will allow us to charge our clients less and still offer full service.  Third, in my humble opinion, RE/MAX has the best referral network in the industry.  And finally, the brand name recognition is very strong in every area we plan to market.” - Matt Bergstrom